Astronaut, actress, firefighter, ballerina, one of various athletes…That’s what most little kids will respond to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Four-year old Megan’s answer? Librarian. Yep….my love of books, reading, and writing started early. Even before I could read, I would sit down with a book, look at the pictures, and come up with my own stories. I believe I entertained my parents many times with my “reading” to them. As I grew up, I continued to read and also write stories just for fun. I held onto my librarian dream for years, probably until high school when I began to realize that it would be pretty difficult to find a job. At this time, I thought that maybe I’d like to be a writer.

Fast forward to college. I was an English Studies: Professional Writing major. I earned my degree, but for multiple reasons, ended up getting a job out of my field, in accounting. Nothing against accounting or accountants, but I find numbers rather uncreative, and thus, I was rather bored. So while I excelled at my job, I was never really happy, always wanting to write. I just chose to play it safe and stay where I was until circumstances forced me to change.

I now find myself essentially starting over in my career. I picture myself trying to jump into the deep end, knowing how to swim, but so far, not really proving to the world that I can. This blog is meant to be my shallow water, my place to just write as I make my way into deeper water. Like any writer, I hope someone reads my posts, which are just random thoughts and observations, but right now, it is simply enough for me to have a platform for my writing.

A friend asked me what my blog is about. Read my tagline…that’s what it is about. It is just me saying the things I can’t speak.